Here I Stand – The Beginning

Here I Stand – The Beginning

By: Les Cote & The Iron Leaf Press Team

These next five Kung Fu articles may change the way you look at life. It will be an adventure for us all. One that challenges the patterns of our thinking for the better. One that causes reflection of our heart and soul. Are you ready to take this journey with me and go exploring?

Here I Stand

The sound of honor rings through a soul when speaking of ancient ways of Wing Chun, Shaolin Kung Fu, Samurai, Ninja, Ju jitsu, Mauy Tai, karate, and the many other recognized forms. These practitioners trained their bodies and minds to learn all the physical applications their disciplines have, to control their emotions by learning to respect their creator, nature, others and themselves, and to practice these attributes throughout their entire lives.  To ensure these ancient ways are not lost, each Master mentors students that must apply the lessons in their own lives in the same way, to honor their Master.

Jesus lived the way of His Master, God, from birth through death.  He prepared day in and day out for what was to come.  Now the power of The Risen King is unmatched.  He had the power to destroy every person that opposed Him while He walked this earth.  Yet, He healed them, taught them and prepared them for eternal life.  Like every good Master, Jesus gave each of us a choice – learn The Master’s ways and follow Him or live your own way.  Regardless of your choice, both have lasting consequences.  One day He will return to complete His task and conquer the enemy, offer people one last choice, and after reigning for a season The Master will close the door on sin.  Today we meet a practitioner of both Wing Chun and The Master (God) who will share many thoughts on the art of living a worthy life.

True Master’s train their entire lives dedicating mind, body and soul to the aspiration of unity with one’s self, others and the universe.  Using their gifts properly, though they are lethal, creates harmony in the world.  Learning to fight so they do not have to fight.  However, they are ready to defend the weak, helpless, freedom and their families. This willingness to lay their life down to save others is a selfless act of love, gratitude for the life they have been blessed with and humility.  Though there are countless leaders we could write this about, today we take a glimpse into the life of Sifu Armand Doucet.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Sifu Armand Doucet of Here I Stand Kung Fu to find out what the driving force is behind his methods.  Here I Stand is a multi pronged Kung Fu school that teaches the fundamentals of this ancient art of warfare, self-defense and fitness coupled with the exquisite teachings of the greatest Master ever, God. The mental and physical readiness enables each student to reach their full potential, if their heart desires to master the skills needed for optimal success. All willing students are welcome. With a strong foundation, together we can break down the walls of ignorance.

Sifu is the Cantonese for 師 “skilled person” 傅 “tutor”. SiFu Armand Doucet has been practicing the disciplines of Kung Fu for over 30 years. With his decades of experience, he will lead you on a journey of self-improvement, enlightenment and discovery. During our interview he was asked where Here I Stand Kung Fu got its name. Sifu Armand then quoted Martin Luther; “I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.”

We are called to be the light of our Master.  What we do in our lives is a direct reflection of how well we have allowed Him, our Master, to teach us.  A good student will follow the Master’s ways to the fullest.  While half-hearted students choose what they desire to learn, they ultimately let down the Master and shame themselves.  What Master/master will you choose to follow in your life?

I hope your interest has been peaked…

See you in two weeks with part 2 of Here I Stand – Why Learn To Fight

Here I Stand: Armand

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