Playing With A Purpose

Playing With A Purpose

By Les Cote October 26, 2015

Looking for the cure to breast cancer

Looking for the cure to breast cancer

We stumbled upon vintage/historic baseball a few months ago at Hearthside’s 1904 World’s Fair reenactment in Lincoln, RI.  These players were dressed in authentic 1800’s baseball uniforms.  They played by baseball rules of the 1800’s.  But, behind the scenes, they quietly raised funds for causes they believe in.  The Providence Grays team believes in a cure for breast cancer.  To demonstrate their commitment to the cause, one of their bats sported pink stripes and t-shirts adorned with crossed bats banned together at the center with pink breast cancer ribbons were sold by the team volunteer to raise awareness and funds for this cause they passionately believe in.  Every one of the more than 200 vintage/historic baseball teams stand for something more than baseball.  For some it’s underprivileged children, medical research, giving aid to families with a child affected by cancer, funds to help the homeless…  The list goes on.  How many of these men would consider their acts heroic?

These guys may not think of themselves as heroes.  To them, they are just average people trying to make a difference.  Isn’t that what heroes are?  Yes!  The glamorous versions of heroes on the big screen are cool to watch but they are not real.  The media seldom portrays heroes unless a catastrophic event occurs.  However, there are heroes in our lives every day.  Doctors and nurses in the ER trying sew people back together, firefighters pulling people out of burning buildings and cars, police protecting the community from murderers, burglars and gangs, and military personal defending our country with their very lives – these are the heroes we hear about most in the news.  What about the unsung heroes that are taken for granted like parents, teachers, churches, neighbors, and children?  These are the average people that set up lemonade stands to raise funds for cancer research or hurricane victims.  Passers by that stop to help an elderly person that fell.  Neighbors that put groceries on the doorstep of a needy family.  The homeless man that stops a mugging.  All these are happening around us each day.  Most of these events go unnoticed.  Instead of looking for the bad things in this world, as the media generally does, stop to look around you for the unsung heroes in your own back yard.

Grays vs breast cancer

Providence Grays are helping raise funds and awareness for the cure to breast cancer

In today’s troubled world, we need to commentate more on these real people that are making a positive difference.  Our Iron Leaf Press Team is grateful to find people like these vintage and historic baseball players.  With your help, vintage and historic baseball teams can achieve so much more in our communities.  Come spring, consider attending a vintage / historic baseball game near you.  Team schedules can be found at in mid April 2016.


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